Day 11: Aphrodisias to Kuşadası - October 22

Today we explored the ancient city of Aphrodisias, named after Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (Romans called her Venus). Access to nearby marble quarries was exploited and as a result we have some of the finest and well-preserved pieces and inscriptions. Again, I photographed plenty of inscriptions but I won't bore you with them. Just wish I knew what they said.
Aphrodisias was known for it's school of sculpture. Yet another reason why the carvings and inscriptions and sarcophagi are so impressive.
This structure is the Sebasteion, the Temple of the Emporors. Click to enlarge so you can see the carvings.
The faces are expressive and unique. Some faces aren't so memorable but the seastar and fruit surrounding this one caught my eye.

Pomegranate trees.
Hanging out at the theater.

Like feral cats in Istanbul, we encountered plenty of stray dogs. This young momma dog was very friendly. She followed us a while then watched over us as we sat in the theater.
An early board game.
Turkey is the land of pomegranates. This one fell off a tree so a few of us sampled the seeds.
The Temple of Aphrodite.
The Tetrapylon, a gateway with four groups of four Corinthian columns (tetra=four, get it?)
Not only were the nearby quarries full of marble, they were full of high-quality marble. As a result, plenty of the inscriptions and carvings look new.
The stadium has a unique elliptical shape. It's truly massive and one of the best preserved stadiums of the classical period.
So many kitties. A group spotted Nell and she couldn't - wouldn't - escape.Resistance is futile.
Approaching the resort town of Kuşadası, on the Aegean coast, our home for the last two nights of the tour. This is Guvercin Ada, the peninsula of Kuşadası.

The sun sets on Kuşadası and the northeastern tip of Samos.
Here we meet Mine's fiance, Mert. I hope I go that correct.
OK, so I was still having some tummy issues the first night in Kuşadası. As much as I wanted to chow down, I played it safe. So did Sally. we asked for the lamest of the lame, plain noodles. But it came on a plate dressed festively so we wouldn't feel like we were eating in a nursing home. I then took a chance and seasoned mine with salt, pepper, and a wonderful cheese. It was simple and delicious.
Night falls on Kuşadası.

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